Notice on Mid-term Teaching Inspection in Semester II of 2014-2015 Academic Year

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Wuhan University Undergraduate Education Document [2015] No.40

To All Departments,

A mid-term teaching inspection is scheduled on May 10 according to the teaching arrangement in this semester in order to further enhance teaching management and education quality monitoring, standardize teaching conducts, comprehensively understand the overall teaching situation of the university since the new term begins, timely discover and handle problems in teaching, and carry out in-depth teaching activities in a practical manner. Relevant matters are hereby notified as following:

Inspection Method

Self-inspections as the main method are conducted by each department, inspections by university as supplement.

1. Course teaching: inspect teachers’ compliance with basic job specifications for teaching, state of classroom teaching, implementation and quality of teaching program, etc.

2. Academic atmosphere: inspect the attendance, discipline compliance and learning quality of students.

3. Teaching management: inspect the implementation of various teaching rules, including professor giving lessons to undergraduates, implementation of teaching assistant system, class visits by supervising team, leaders and teachers.

Specific Requirements

1. The inspection shall be paid close attention and a practical inspection plan prepared by each department. Self-inspection covering required contents shall be conducted. The leaders and teachers shall be organized to visit classes of their own departments. Some thematic activities can be held combined with undergraduate teaching assessment and education reform discussion.

2. The university will organize leaders and supervising team to visit classes, conduct tour inspections and check the self-inspection of each department.

3. Self-inspection results of each department shall be submitted in paper or electronically to Quality Management Office of Department of Undergraduate Education prior to May 20.

Contact person: Mr. Dong, 68754570, Email:


Department of Undergraduate Education, Wuhan University

May 4, 2015


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