Our students have made great achievements in the "FLTRP ETIC Cup Series"

December 4, 2019  click:

 (Correspondents Wen Fang and Yu Zhitao) on November 20, good news came from the online arena of the 2019 "FLTRP ETIC Cup" National English speech contest. Four contestants from Wuhan University passed the screening of the preliminary , semi-final and the final contestthrough tests of expert review, video questions and online voting, they stood out from more than 4000 contestants and won the special prize in the online arena, and promoted the national finals. In the previous ground competition, the students also won the special prize of Hubei province in the reading contest, the first prize in the writing contest and the third prize in the speech contest.

"FLTRP ETIC Cup" National English series is one of the largest and most famous English Series in China. "FLTRP ETIC Cup " National English speech contest is the only English contest that has been selected into the national academic competition list with its scientific and rigorous competition system design and strict professional evaluation criteria. The contest is not only a national stage for college students to express themselves and show their talentsbut also a platform for college teachers to communicate and explore the development direction of foreign language teaching and promote the innovative development of college foreign language education.

In recent years, with the support of undergraduate college and foreign language college, our school has made great progress in College English contest. The undergraduate college not only provides project support to the College English contest guidance team, but also provides technical support such as micro classroom for the recording of the video. Through the patient and meticulous guidance of Yu Yan and other teachers from the teacher development center, it helps the contestants to show the best personal style in the video. In line with "Competition to promote learning and competition to promote the teaching" the objective, under the direct leadership of vice president You Changshong and director Cheng Xiangli of the university English Department, the contest guidance team of the university English Department has designated a scientific and effective plan to integrate the contest and classroom teaching. In the third semester, the College English competition training course has been set up, which includes listening, speaking, reading and writing to improve the comprehensive ability of students. All the teachers of college English department actively encourage students to sign up for the contest. The teachers of the contest guidance team conduct intensive training for the contestants by combining collective tutoring with one-to-one tutoring, and invite foreign teachers to participate in the training, so as to help students improve their English application skills, develop their innovative thinking ability and expand their international vision.

With the care and support of the undergraduate school and the College of foreign languages, and the joint efforts of the teachers and students of the College English Department, the students of Wuhan University have achieved a new breakthrough in entering the national finals. The five contestants will represent Wuhan University to enter the national finals. At present, the guiding team and contestants are actively preparing for the national finals and striving for better results.

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