Our University won the first prize in the 17th National University GIS competition of SuperMap cup

December 4, 2019  click:

    (Correspondent: Lai Jing, Yu Zhitao) On November 12, 2019, the national final result of the 17th National University GIS competition of SuperMap cup was published. The student work "AINewsSupermap - News emotion visualization and management platform" of our University won the first prize of the development team, and "5G communication base station spatial layout method design based on GIS and intelligent optimization method" won the first prize of the analysis team.

The first prize winning team of the development group is composed of Ding Jiaqi, Yue Yuanwen, Hu Sen and Chu Erxuan, undergraduates of the school of resources and Environmental Sciences, with Cai Zhongliang and Fei Teng as academic advisors Combining AI natural language processing and GIS technology, the work is committed to realizing the visualization and management of news text emotional information, so as to facilitate public opinion monitoring and social perception, and provide the decision-makers with insights from the geographical perspective.

The first prize winning team of the analysis group is composed of Wang Qi, Zhang Ruitian, LV zhantian and Lin Yifan, undergraduates of the school of resources and Environmental Sciences, with Zhao Xiang as the academic advisor. Aiming at the dilemma of how to build a large number of high-density communication base stations in the current 5G communication technology, the work comprehensively uses multi-source spatiotemporal geographic data to conduct spatial explicit modeling of communication service demand, and then uses heuristic search algorithm to design an intelligent decision support model for 5G communication base station planning and location, which provides support for 5G infrastructure construction in our country.

The 17th National University GIS competition of SuperMap cup lasted for 7 months from the beginning of April to the final in November, attracting teachers and students from more than 200 colleges and universities in China, as well as dozens of colleges and universities in Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Egypt and other countries. The works submitted by students cover telecommunications, water conservancy, environmental protection, culture, mining, transportation and other fields.

This event has received great support from the undergraduate college in terms of funding, organization and management. As the co organizer of this event, the school of resources and Environmental Sciences of our university has been actively assisting in the event,and the event training is set up as the third semester course this year. Focusing on the idea of training compound innovative talents, the college is committed to enhancing students' innovation ability and comprehensive quality, promoting competition by learning, promoting learning by competition, helping students further understand the new technology and application in the professional field, improving the practical application level of students' professional theory, as well as the ability to solve hot issues in the industry and society.

It is reported that " SuperMap cup National University GIS Competition", as the first university GIS competition held in China, has been held for 17 sessions so far, attracting more than 30000 students to participate. At the same time, the competition has witnessed the rapid development of GIS Industry in China. There are also numerous excellent students who have participated in the competition, and now they have become the mainstay and even the leader of China's GIS industry.

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