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Wuhan University Summer International English Program (WUSIEP)

It has been ten years for Wuhan University Summer Intensive English ProgramWUSIEPin collaboration with the Ohio State University since the year 2004. The WUSIEP recruited thirty renowned teachers from Ohio State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Columbia University and other prestigious colleges in America. It targets are at creating rich campus atmosphere for English learning, cultivating students’ language practice ability and oral expression competence, enhancing students’ comprehensive capacity of English and intercultural communication skill, and promoting university English teaching reform and research.

Within a period of merely 21 days, this yearly program displays abundant accomplishments of Sino-American teachers’ cooperation in the field of higher education. Be it the adoption of “Performed Culture Approach”, professional seminars held during the program, or the publishing of Communicating English in Culture, they are all testimonials to the leapfrog development of this program.

For ten years the camp has been on ceaselessly against twists and turns. For ten years teachers have pioneered unremittingly by passing down the torch from generation to generation. Within a mere snap of fingers, teachers are fostered to be enterprising and creative. In class, foreign teachers are never confined to textbooks and employ American method of teaching in forms of fierce debate, fruitful exchange, and a variety of movie appreciation. Outside class, teachers and students join in bonfire party, English poem club, reading club, yoga exercise and so on. Entertaining games imbue students with English learning, and colorful activities impart foreign culture to students.

For ten years we have trekked a difficult journey and cultivated numerous students. For ten years we have gone through trials and hardships and assumed heavy responsibility along the uphill road ahead. Within ten years, students are equipped with global outlook and are offered worldwide platform. This summer camp provides opportunities to students with poor oral English, and turns timid and shy students into bold and valorous ones. The scorching summer challenges students’ stamina, diligence, and carefulness, but it enriches campus life.

As time goes by, past days can be likened to a song. We made our efforts and reaped harvest. For the past ten years, we have created splendid achievement and produced brilliant records. Yet we are burdened with great responsibilities in the uphill journey ahead. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the camp, we design this brochure for you to have a better understanding of this program.

Wuhan to Ohio Summer Program (WTOSP)

Since 2008, on the basis of Wuhan University Summer International English Program, we started the Wuhan to Ohio Summer Program for undergraduate students at Wuhan University. This program is mainly cooperate with Ohio State University and University of Tennessee, and it combines the classroom teaching with culture exchanges to strengthen students’ language training and improve students’ comprehensive ability of using language. At the same time, it also develop some culture experience activities to cultivate students’ international thinking and ability of cross culture communication. WTOSP can help the students to understand the foreign universities’ talents training mode, get to know the teaching and study abroad as well as enhance their international competition consciousness.

The summer program includes two weeks living on-campus and includes 14 small group opportunities along with a full schedule of daily learning experiences and cultural participation for the entire group. The last week of the WTOSP is a travel and education program that can include Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, PA, Princeton, N.J., New York City, and Boston, MA.

The program ensures safety and hands-on learning by featuring strong collaboration between Wuhan University, the Ohio Center for Cultural Exchange, The Ohio State UniversityUniversity of Tennessee and many leaders and teachers in the surrounding Columbus and Ohio community.

We feel we have one of the very best summer programs in the United States because the students are challenged to learn culture and language by participating in the American culture and using the language, and not just talking about it in a classroom.

Ohio State University hires excellent teachers and leaders to facilitate this exciting learning method, and we feature SGO’s (small group opportunities) to let students pursue individual as well as group interests. Wuhan University sends at least two or three top teachers and administrators to help guide the program each year, and this helps ensure safety and practical learning.


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