Department of Undergraduate Education is an administrative section in charge of the cultivation of undergraduate talents under the leadership of the party committee of Wuhan University, and its duties mainly include:

Be responsible for enrollment of general undergraduates, examination and selection, specialty admission, international enrollment;

Be responsible for ideological and political education of full-time undergraduates, student affairs management and student development services;

Be responsible for organization and management of daily teaching as well as overall arrangement of school register management and practical teaching;

Be responsible for resources development for specialized courses, organization of teaching reforming and research, building of teaching quality monitoring management system, and implementation of various teaching inspection and assessment;

Be responsible for building and maintenance of modern educational technology and public teaching platform of the university, building, training and promotion of teaching information platform, daily management and maintenance of public classrooms, teaching materials supply management, and other teaching services work;

Be responsible for overall arrangement of teacher development of the university, implementing teacher cultivation and services work such as teaching training, teaching consultation, teaching discussion and exchange, teaching resources sharing and teacher occupational development, and undertaking the training for national or regional college teachers.

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