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  • Author:Mohammad Maruf Bashiri & Daria SivovaMUN stands for Model  United Nations. An activity in which students typically role-play delegates from  the United Nations and simulate UN committees discussing global environmental,  political, social, cultural and economic issues. In other words, this is not an  ordinary academic event where you could get bored. MUN allows students to  substantiall...
    [July 2, 2018]
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  • (Author:Zhou Siyan)From March 23rdto 25th, the 2018 Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit (CLS) was successfully held in Duke University andthe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the United States. Student Delegates Liu Jiachen from the School of Law and Shen Yuxi from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature attended the conference on behalf of Wuhan University.Student Delegates a...
    [May 24, 2018]
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  • Reported by a journalist from Guangming Daily: Xia JingTwenty years ago, Ageneral knowledge course given by six academicians jointly, Introduction to Surveying and Mapping, was introduced to freshmen in Wuhan University. The course keeps updating every year. The fame has spread outside WHU, attracting more and more students to the classroom. The wide vision of these famous and experienced teach...
    [April 20, 2018]
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